The Mission of the Northstar Physicians Foundation is to enhance charitable, scientific, cultural and educational efforts in advancing innovative, cost-effective patient care models. The foundation advocates medical education and research to promote quality healthcare in the region.

Our mission is a statement; let’s visit our actions.

Charitable: A number of organizations have received help from us.  CHUM and the First Witness Abuse Program are among the recipients.  Playing a part in this community’s effort to sustain important programs is important to our foundation.

Scientific:  Technology is intimately tied to the scientific in our current world.  We have provided computer software and hardware to recipient organizations to make them more efficient in meeting their respective missions.

Cultural:  The Duluth-Superior Symphony Orchestra, Northland Youth Music Program, Duluth Playhouse, Twin Ports Arts Coalition, University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth’s White Coat Ceremony and other important organizations have received foundation awards.

Education: The Mesabi Community College, Cloquet Public Schools, Lakeview Christian Academy, and other organizations have received awards.

Innovative, cost effective patient care models and quality healthcare:  Our foundation provides grants to health care clinics within our network that propose innovative ways to improve the quality of care.  This affords clinics resources to pilot innovations – and when the innovations work, they become enmeshed in our overall quality improvement programs.

Medical Education: Through the Dr. John Dwyer Scholarship we fund a foundation scholarship to the University of Minnesota Medical School to help medical students interested in pursuing the family practice specialty.

To apply for funds from Northstar Physicians Foundation review our criteria for eligibility – and access the link to request an award.

Northstar Physicians Foundation brings together essential contributors with important recipients – to allow us to meet our mission.  Together the contributors and recipients allow us to enhance charitable, scientific, cultural, and educational efforts as well as, promote innovative, cost effective, quality health care in our region.

Our contributors provide the resources to help us meet our mission.  We have both individual and organization contributors.  Without these important contributions, the list of recipients would be very small.

We offer two methods of contributing.

First, there are sustaining contributors.  Sustaining contributors send a set amount each month.  To become a sustaining contributor you may either mail a check each month; or, to make it easier, you may sign up for a monthly automatic transfer of funds from your credit or debit card.

Second, we have contributors who give a designated amount – one contribution at a time.  To contribute you may either mail a check or access the following link for an online automatic transfer of funds from your credit or debit card.